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I'm needing a virtual assistant part-time to complete online digital tasks that range from:
- Data Inputting
- Data formatting
- Managing social media
- Replying to messages or sending messages

Every task will come with a clear set of instructions. I'm needing most of these tasks completed within a 24 hour window which means I'm needing someone to be on call "daily" if possible.

If you have experience using basecamp 3 that is helpful but not required. Basecamp 3 is just our task management platform. We can show you how to use it, it is very easy.

All the tasks will be posted inside basecamp3 but you will bill us over UpWork.

The ability to solve problems is a bonus.
A quick response time is a must.
Great communication skills are required

German language must be understood and know the exact grammer, know the german words
beeing able write in german
Bussiness German is very helpfuel and good for the application

Virtual/Administrative Assistance Skills
-Data Entry
-Email Communication
-Social Media Management

You will be asked to answer the following questions when submitting a proposal:

Have you used basecamp before?
How often are you available for work everyday?
What is your experience with the german langugae, how fluent do you speak it ?

Less then 30 hours a week
3 to 6 Months
Entry Level

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  • Beworben am: 01.08.2020
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Hey dear,

I am looking for a part-time job as virtual assistance and got experience in data inputting and formatting, managing social media and sending or replying to messages.

I am available every day, so the 24 hours window shouldn't be a problem. German is my native language - if the instructions are in English, I sometimes have to look for translation.

I've never used Basecamp before but I will learn it, no problem. Currently I'm available for 3 - 4 hours per day but there is more potential if needed. I want to cancel my job in logistics in some months.
German is my native language - fluent, very good grammar and also for business.

  • Beworben am: 01.08.2020
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Hello, as IT specialist and professional editor, I'm willing to fulfill your job request. I haven't worked with the program yet but it will easily be handled by me. I can daily be available from 9 to 5.
I'm looking forward doing business with you.

  • Beworben am: 01.08.2020
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Hi there,

we are realy interested on your job.

Mine engaged and me working as a team in our home office. summed up we have around 20 years experience in the costumer support and worked already in every field you need. We also worked for a few companys in the problem managemend team and solving problems is our daily business. In the last 2 years we supported the management of a big insurance agent here in germany and bulding up new projects and help to switch the CRM-System as well. So solving problems was there our main business.

We also managed the social media of this insurance agent but he decided to just only set up 2 or 3 payed ads and dont bring up some real content.

For both of us german is our native language and we do have great communication skills. We also have exakt grammer and can use words in the right way.

Together we can spend 30 to 40 hours a week for your business and mostly we work from monday to friday.

We dont use basecamp before but we have a lot experience in other tast management plattforms so it will be no problem for us.

I will enjoy to work together with you and waiting for your response.

Have a nice Day.

Simon Hesse

  • Beworben am: 03.08.2020
  • Wartet

Hey Thiriving Limitlessss,
I'm very interested in your job propsal. In the past I've worked on several occasions doing the tasks you've listed in your post
At the moment I'm highly time flexible regarding your requirement to be "on call" for completing your tasks. The 24hour window is therefore no problem for me. Unfortunately I didn't work with Basecamp before, but I'd definitly interested in using this platform.
I'm a native German speaker and that's why I can understand the language easily and I'm able to write with excact grammar.

I'd be happy to hear from you.

Greetings from Germany,

  • Beworben am: 04.08.2020
  • Wartet

Hello, your job proposal sounds very interesting.
As a german native speaker with experience in the VA business I woule like to support you taking over the digital tasks as required . I have not yet worked with basecamp 3, but am sure to learn to use it very quickly. My daily time capacity is 3.4 hours (Mo - Fr)
I am looking forward to your reply, containig more detaild Information about the job.

Kind regards
Angelika Ayad

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