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Hi !
I am looking for a copywriter ( German ).
Themes about business and tourism from Brazil to be published in an online magazine.
I will be providing texts in English to give the reference about the theme for the

To start 10 texts with 500 words each text.
Price per word: 0,01 EUR.
It will be a constant demand.
Deadline for the first 10 texts: 28.02

Many thanks to you all!

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Hello Carlos,
your offer sounds very interesting. Although 'business and tourism' are very wide themes, I think I can imagine the job.
So I believe the provided texts have similar amount (500 words), I can translate in an easy and understandable language? You send the texts and I send them back? Are the authors of the english theme native english speaking or portuguese?
One Cent per word is a little low, but I am sure you will be happy with my work. I am native german with best experiences.
We can talk about more details by mail, if you answer me. Time is running :)

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